From controlled access, to touch-less interactions, to new restrictions in reservations, Vermont Systems solutions enable parks and recreation departments to safely address this new reality while still delivering a lifestyle patrons are clamoring for this summer. Parks and Recreation Managers can access compliance reporting on space usage and contact tracing, benchmark and compare trends in spend, facility utilization, and online booking to understand patron engagement and make decisions on facility accessibility and operations.


Self-Checkin/Checkout Reservations and Arrivals

Vermont Systems new Kiosk solution allows patrons to self-scan into facilities, reducing direct human-to-human contact. Staff can also monitor and control access to the facilities. RecTrac 3.1 also provides a number of features and options for restricting, managing, and tracking capacity at your various facilities including courts, fitness center, and pool.



With the Maintenance Management system, extensive reporting on facility management and sanitization is available. Departments can develop detailed reporting as specific as who cleaned which spin bike.



Instant Communications

Utilizing the SMS message solution, departments can also deliver safety messages and as well as event and reservation reminders, reaching patrons directly on their device where they are certain to receive the communication.



Touchless and POS Interactions

Utilizing point-of-sale, departments can create a touch-less interaction for concession and ticket sales. RecTrac 3.1 also supports the easy update and distribution of waivers associated with health and safety processes, as well as secure online payments.



Technology is a critical success factor in delivering great patron experiences now, and one that will persist well beyond the temporary changes of these recent events. For more information or a personalized demo, contact [email protected].



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