If you happened to miss the most recent Q & A RecChat, no need to worry, you can get caught up by reading the most helpful takeaways below. 

For this past week's RecChat discussion, we answered questions all about PayTrac. The panel consisted of Cullen Barber, Dave Wirtz, Jordan Tipson, Patrick Hayden, and Zach Daley. The topics include fees and refunds, transactions and credit cards, installment payments and pricing, and hardware and processing. 

Fees & Refunds: 

How are the RecTrac servicing fees calculated? 

Servicing fees are calculated as a percentage, as well as a flat fee. If you would like a more personalized pricing proposal, please contact Zach Daley.

When are fees deducted for the payment of PayTrac? 

Fees are deducted at the time of the sale. There is no extra invoice specifically for fees. 

When a refund is necessary, how do the fees work with PayTrac? 

Fees are not refunded. This includes service fees and/or any processing fees absorbed by the provider for their purchase. If there is a time when the patron is incorrectly charged, a service fee refund can be done, but the RecTrac default workflow, or a WebTrac cancellation would never refund the service fee automatically. 

Transactions & Credit Cards: 

When a patron uses a credit card does their information get stored anywhere in PayTrac?

No, credit card information does not get stored on your server or anywhere in RecTrac. 

What types of payment methods are accepted when using PayTrac? 

All major credit cards are accepted as payment. 

Can a patron use Apple Pay, Google Pay, tap cards, and chip cards with PayTrac? 

Yes, both devices are capable of reading chip cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and tap cards. 

Can I key in a card number?

Yes, you can manually enter the card number into the hardware units, but note that it does not allow for on screen entry. 

Do you see each transaction separately, or do you get one deposit for the total of transactions? 

When using PayTrac, you will receive a daily deposit with a “batch” of sales from the day.

Installment Billing & Pricing:

What is the cost of PayTrac? 

To learn about the pricing for PayTrac, please click here to get connected with an expert or email Zach Daley.

I currently use installment billing, can I continue to offer this service while using PayTrac?

Yes, PayTrac is fully functional for Installment Billing. 

Even though it is a mobile unit, is there a way to mount the system?

Yes, you can find the mounts on our Partner page located here.

Hardware & Processing: 

How much does the hardware cost and are they sold through Vermont Systems or through a third party?  

The hardware units are sold through a third party. You may view the hardware and pricing options on our Partner page located here

How does the hardware connect to the internet? 

The hardware can connect using an Ethernet solution or a Secured Internal WiFi solution. 

What are the hardware options? 

The Ingenico Lane 3000 and Link2500 are the current certified hardware units to be used with PayTrac. 

Who does the backend processing? 

WorldPay is the backend processor. 

Why Should I Choose PayTrac?

PayTrac streamlines the payment experience for you and the patron. It provides the tools to simplify all payment aspects of the business, such as managing billing and costs, cash flow, and security. This solution will provide many advantages for you, the patron, and your staff. 

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